Orange-RoughySimple and meaningful, the “Roughy” in Roughy Toys comes from the orange roughy, one of the longest living animals on Earth, which can live up to 149 years. Roughy symbolizes the long and lasting positive impact playing with toys has on children leading to better success in education and in life.


Alex is named after the ancient Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt. Since the foundations of learning start with play, one of the most famous libraries in history is a perfect fit . We also like the name Alex because it provides children with the freedom to decide if their Alex is a boy or girl.

AlexBlockChosen as a bright & fun color attractive to both boys and girls, the teal color is visually stimulating for children and inspires their imagination. The teal color makes Alex special and magical, just like the boys and girls who play with him.


One2One_FAQThe hands are American Sign Language (ASL) for “1 2 1″ and a fun way to represent our tag line of One 2 One. This is also in honor of our son, who used sign language to communicate with us before he was able to speak. We continue to sign as a family and often times he will sign and say the word, especially when extremely excited to tell us something. Our favorite sign is the sign for I love you!

Absolutely! It is important both you and the child in need receive the same high quality toy.

Every production run is thoroughly tested by an independent third-party for child-safety certification to ensure both materials safety and construction quality (ASTM & CPSC).

SecretThis is a closely guarded secret only Alex knows!