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Ingenuity Prep is a leading charter school in Washington D.C. Wards 7 and 8 serving Pre K – 1st grade preparing student to succeed in college and beyond as impactful civic leaders.

Through its blended learning model, Ingenuity Prep leverages high-quality online learning programs to provide adaptive, independent practice opportunities targeted at students’ individual needs and respective zones of proximal development. Utilizing this digital content and at least three highly-qualified teachers in each classroom, Ingenuity Prep is able to consistently provide accountable, personalized, independent and small-group learning experiences. Less than 10% of students’ learning time at Ingenuity Prep occurs in groups of more than 15 students.

With the belief that mastery of rigorous core content – while necessary – is not sufficient to prepare students for the demands of 21st century leadership, Ingenuity Prep is building its own civic leadership program around four pillars: social-emotional literacy, collaborative problem-solving, a social-justice-focused social studies and science curriculum, and service learning. Beginning in kindergarten, students participate in over three hours per week of a civic leadership class – engaging in activities such as unpacking the stimuli for various emotional states, studying African environmental and political activist Wangari Maathai, and utilizing design-thinking to create (and test) potential solutions for water conservation at the school.